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Temescal Wellness - Pittsfield (Recreational)

If you’re looking to get high, don’t come here. Product is virtually all the same. There’s an emphasis on asthetics but not on functionality. Weed looks good at first glance. But after having wasted hundreds of dollars prospecting strands for over 12 months, I’ve come to one unmistaken conclusion : They just don’t grow quality marijuana in Massachusetts. Product is always extremely dry with absolutely no smell or stickyness. But most of all, there’s no high to be found with any of them. It’s a nice little racket these dispensaries have going. Sira Naturals, Rythm, Bask, Perch, 321, Strane, Heirloom, none of them produce quality bud. Substandard marijuana, often blasted before the sale, at premium price levels. And the sheep keep lining up. Don’t waste your time, money