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Heirloom Remedies

The environment was warm and inviting. Heirlooms gift shop was filled with items I usually have to drive to Hamilton or Missoula for. I was very impressed with the variety of things I could purchase and had to stop myself from too much impulse spending. The variety of flowers, edibles and extracts impressed me. I am new to consumption of cannabis so I have felt like my questioning of staff can be a bit overwhelming, while trying to educate myself on what varieties are best for me. Heirlooms employees were happy to answer my questions and I never felt like I was a burden. They were super helpful and friendly. When I left, I felt more knowledgeable about products and like I had someone in my corner. When I got home and partook of my purchase, the product felt smooth and flavorful. Each strain I selected successfully treated the issue I chose it for. When I return in the future, I will take pride in knowing I support a veteran owned business. Thank you for your service, and cannabis.