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Cannabis Nation Beaverton (Blooming Deals)

I have been a customer of this dispensary since the week it opened. It quickly became the only place I needed to go. The flower was reasonably priced and the quality could not be beat, but I haven't been able to say either of those things for quite a while. Now, it has become so bad that I refuse to buy any flower they sell. The pricing is absolutely out of control. The platinum tier is an insult and was only put in place to further gouge customers. Having a sale doesn't mean anything when the base price of the strains on sale are raised before the sale starts. Anyone reading this; You are on leafly. Do your research. It isn't difficult to find a dispensary that is cheaper with higher quality flower. Don't waste your money here.

Oregon's Finest - Pearl

Out of all the dispensaries I have visited, this is by far the best. I made an account just to add this review. The atmosphere is phenomenal. The location is great. The staff is incredibly nice and extremely helpful. The cannabis is top shelf. Every strain I have tried has been excellent. After going Oregons Finest; there is no need to go anywhere else.