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Bloom MT - Butte

The scent of incense is extremely strong, too strong for such a small space, having an intense scent that strong plus the many obscenities that can be heard through the loud music in the shop seems a little unprofessional, especially for a shop that is not only recreational but also medical use. Those issues seem small in comparison to the constant shortage of product. Every time I visit the shop or place an order online they are consistently, out of stock, often out of a lot of things actually, that show available online, able to be placed in cart and ordered. This being a new shop we’ve only visited 7-8 times in the last few weeks, I can’t help be feel the product seems to be less potent than the same strain and strengths we are use to, just coming off a tolerance break, this seems strange to me. That being said, the bud tenders are very nice and probably the nicest I’ve come across.