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Cannabis and Glass - Spokane

"Leafly. Your order is ready for pickup. Bring your ID. You’ll pay at the store. Order # 11501171" Not true! We got to the store and the gentleman that waited on us came out with a list and not a bag. They were out of all but one item of the 9 items ordered. They collected $48.50 instead of $254 and left us very disappointed after driving from Newport. We have been customers since they opened and this was our first online order and they failed miserably. We have always had excellent counter service, great product, and appreciate the discounts. So sad that the tech can't keep up the site inventory. Don't promise what you cannot deliver! We were never notified of unavailable product before we got there. Ordered at 7 a.m. and arrived at 12:30 p.m. and Ken waited on us. He was embarrassed I think. Good man. Can this be straightened out or will online ordering be a total gamble? Is this a one-time screwup or S.O.P.? C&G is a great store! Online shopping could make it outstanding.