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Curaleaf - Jacksonville

I am a return customer of this store specifically due to ease of location. I have had good service from this location since its inception pretty much, but recently got into an issue that seems fairly easy to resolve. I am sure I'm not the only one running into an issue with the amount of inhalation products can be purchased in a given period of time. I purchased products online and went to the store to pick up. I was told my order could not be filled because I had already met my limit. This gentleman also told me to come back at the beginning of the month and I could refill my inhalation product. All good, no problem. I showed up today to be told "sorry" can't fill that yet. The gentleman that told me to come back at the beginning of the month was standing right there saying that it would be after the weekend of July 4th before I can fill any inhalation product. I would believe that if you're going to hold people, users of this product for "medical means, "accountable to this limitation of how much you can vape in a given period of time, that your service personnel could be trained in the product and what the limits mean and that way you can instill trust in the product to those folk's that have come to your business for an identified medical need. Oh heck, I put the order in online. WOW, connect the "database table" that says how much to in a given period of time. You already have a key to match on. NO, could it be an easy fix in this messed up procedure! You really should share this rant. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has run into this issue. The cannabis community could use some help to resolve this issue. I'm just going to call my doctor and have some input on this portion of my usage and hope that in the future I don't get embarrassed twice in a month, by the same employee and the manager standing right there. Unsuitable business practices for sure. I believe some training is needed. Heck, hire me, to review your database, review your requirements, and come up with a more reasonable answer to this obvious breakdown in a simple fix. "Call me" I am willing to share my experience. Clunk, the sound at the end of a rant.