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Flo Limone

First thing that caught my eye was the name. Just sounds fancy. The flower looked beautiful nice dense nugs full of crystals. Then came the smell... it.. is.. ORGASMIC. I would definitely burn a candle off this strain if i could. It makes me want to grow this strain just to have it smelling like it in my house. It has the sweetest aroma you can smell the lemony sunshine and a hint of citrus. It tastes like it smells it is just as delicious! After a bowl I would say any intermediate user would be pretty Stoned but for me it was just right. Its a headbuzz with a slight tingle in the upper back. I felt relaxed without the laziness. It made me feel good and stress free. I tend to have stomach aches and it helps reduce the uneasy feeling. It really is a good way to start your morning, evening, or even end the night honestly. Smoke it all day every day is what i would do. This is definitely one of my top sativas!