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Emerald Leaves - Tacoma Recreational

They refused to refund or exchange a defective vape pen brought back to them in mint condition 3 days after the purchase with the receipt. They refused because I didn't have the original packaging and would not budge or make a judgment call to do the right thing for a long time loyal customer that's given them thousands. Their policy that the packaging must be returned is not written anywhere on their website or within the store itself and they say that their employees are supposed to verbally tell you the policy at checkout. Well, their employees never told me this policy and the manager repeatedly cast doubt thus calling me a liar. It's one thing that you steal from me, refuse to apologize, and threaten to ban me for making logical arguments at a normal tone of voice without profanity, but now you call me a liar too? If you want to be treated with dignity and respect, don't go to emerald leaves.

Have a Heart - Bothell

May have a heart, but they do not have a brain. No incentive to preorder (no discount, no preorder line), disorganized and slow service whether they’re busy or not, small cramped little room that’s way too crowded usually. Better options exist.