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Island Strains Herb House

Looked forward to my Island Strains visit for quite some time and even reached out to Jo,and got friendly and informative response. Had lots of offers for herb immediately after leaving the terminal. I held out and driver (DePaul) dropped us within feet of the door and Margarettaville. He was registered at the dispensary and I was able to purchase product as his guest, saving me a few bucks. Unfortunately my fellow travelers were non-tokers and were ready to leave after I finished my first spliff (Thailand Sativa). It was EXCELLENT! I've been traveling to Jamaica since 1982, and this was the finest herb I have ever smoked there, and the ambiance just can't be beat. Sure wish they had their own shuttle...$80.00 US Round trip for for 4 seamed a bit steep till i found they pay the equivalent of about $9.00 US/gal. I'm already planning my next visit.