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Fresh Mint - Delivery

Fresh mint delivery was introduced to me by a coworker who knows that I love weed and different products that different companies make. They are professional they stand estimate when they’re going to be coming between 60 and 90 minutes example they have all the product they always tell you when they run out. They always explain the situation how you can use your points. How are you can order this and that. The drivers are probably the best experience. I have gotten all the drivers on time nice courteous they explained that they can help you out maybe if you have . I’m a big tree man so I love any type of flower indoor outdoor my wife likes dab Shatter doesn’t like the sugar diamonds but the shatter you guys have is beautiful and yummy . The edibles on the other hand man they hit me a different times, but they’re yummy delicious and not to stinky. All I have to say is a freshman delivery beat any other place that I go to

Cannablue - Tahoe

I knew and heard that All Tahoe dispensaries would be freaking expensive but god damn! Never knew 1/8 existed, sorry I just mean that i have seen cheaper 8ths and 14g versions lol. But anywho your customer service was beyond stellar it was perfect I wish Bay Area had that. The atmosphere was also beautifully welcoming.