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Red Barn Growers - Santa Fe (Med/Rec)

For my first time visit I was really impressed. Prices were reasonable and the staff was very friendly. The atmosphere felt homey and looked very nice!

CG Corrigan - Santa Fe

The location and price of the product are amazing! Best in town hands down. Staff is very friendly and very informative as far as product knowledge and what may work best for your needs. The location is easy to get to and quaint. Nice mid to low high grade buds as well.

Sacred Garden - Santa Fe

I greatly enjoyed that they offered pre-roll packs and pre-rolls that did not run at that. Staff is friendly but not very knowledgable when asked questions regarding the product. Overall atmosphere of the place is great. Location seems a bit odd but considering its Santa Fe it works.

Keyway Marketplace - Bisbee

Quality of product is great and consistent. Their house strains are just as good as any name brand strain. Staff is always on point and very friendly! They are quick when they need to be but also willing to talk about their product when asked. There is hardly ever a wait in line unlike other places in the area. The environment/atmosphere makes the dispensary feel like a "hidden honey hole" in Santa Fe. Shift is hand down my go to dispensary and I recommend it to all my fellow patients!