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Curaleaf - Jacksonville

Firstly, I love this place! I’m a regular to the 103rd location. The staff is beyond EXCELLENT. Authentic people that genuinely seem like they love their job, everyone is very informative, patient and understanding. As they should be, we’re talking about medicine after all. The product 9/10 does not disappoint, I’ve had a batch of wax I wasn’t into but it wasn’t a fault of Curaleaf. The bud is fresh and packaged very nicely. This place gets you in and out! As someone who struggles with anxiety, I tend to order online so I can make sure it’s a quick process.. and man, is it. Even if I dont pre-order I’ve never been in there longer than 15 minutes. I understand, it can definitely become busy at times but with the service that Curaleaf provides and the AMAZING staff.. you really can’t beat it! ❤️🌿