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Green Tree Medicinals - Berthoud (Rec)

So, they have a deal for med patients; spend $70, receive $35 once per month. I went in today; I've seen the gal but she hasn't helped me. When she checked me in, she asked me to have a seat someone will be right with you. She waited a few moments, stuck her head in the rec door side, then said, Oh, I will help you. They're busy over there (doing me a favor). When I pick out my item, I ask for my monthly totals so I can see how much I need to spend. She says,"Well, you only have $14 so far sooooo...." OK, she doesn't know what I mean. I said, "No, I mean for the month, my monthly total"...she still acts confused as if she doesn't know what I mean. I'm confused at this point. I explain again, you know, where you spend $70 and receive a $35 credit. "Yeah, that's not the way it works. Apparently, some employees were doing it wrong". I've been a med patient here for about a year now. I budget accordingly. I try to be clear on what I am saying, but she acts confused. I finally ask for a manager. She says, "I AM the manager", with a little smirky smile. I said I didn't recognize her. She says she is the new manager. I asked if the other gal I'm used to seeing is available and she said, "She's in a different position now." I asked her if she was there (around 3pm) and was told no. She also told me another employee that I was used to working with was not there. I told her, I am here for my med supplies and I don't feel like we are connecting. I tell her, I understand and I am perfectly fine going forward, but, I did not have $70 to spend and I am on a budget. (You know the snarky girl in the movies at the register? This is that girl.) THEN she tells me that she spoke with the owner just the day before concerning this very issue. Which means, SHE KNEW EXACTLY WHAT I WAS GETTING AT AND TALKING ABOUT AND CHOSE TO TREAT A MEDICAL PATIENT LIKE A DOPEY DOPER! You see? She knew all along and made the CHOICE to pretend as if she didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about. Not good. When I left, she smiled and told me to have a nice day. Not kind, polite or good management. I took my business across the street. Literally. THEY treated me fantastically. Their edible stock wasn't very good which is the reason I started shopping at Green Tree almost a year ago. And, I registered my med badge there, too! They currently are selling to med patients $70 oz, which is pretty competitive. They start a sale tomorrow of 20% off ALREADY COMPETITIVE PRICES! Their Incredible 50 packs are EXACTLY the same price plus now, 20% off. And, on St. Patrick's Day, they will top it with another 5% if you wear green. I hope someone is reading this. You should NEVER go into a pot shop and get someone who is not kind.