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Green Country Bud

This is the best dispensary that I have visited since I got my card. If you are considering vapes, they have a great selection. Everything about this place is high quality. It is a very clean, nice roomy store where everything is professionally presented and labelled, like a classy boutique. Not a dump like some stores (I would mention Re Up by name, but I am too nice to do that.). Ashley was a marvelous budtender. She was VERY nice, helpful, knowledgeable and was extremely patient with all my questions. I learned a lot. When you go there, ask for her.

Re-Up Cannabis Dispensary

IGNORE ANY $5 GRAMS ON THIS LIST! I’ve been there twice now and they don’t have any. It’s a scam to get you in the door. I mentioned the prices in this listing and said they didn’t even know they were on Leafly. Wow. Inside it is a Coronavirus nightmare. Lots of people, few masks.