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Avatar for OrdinaryJosh

Seeing 303 is on the menu for $35 1/8th, I immediately ask to see the Colorado classic for the first time. Inhaling out of the jar, my nose is greeted with woody aromas, with the terpenes displaying some earthy/musky undertones on the end of the scent. It's like Ron Swanson in the forest, felling a great evergreen tree. In your nose. The appearance is typical hybrid. Though to note specifics, it's leaves are a medium to dark green, with dark orange/red hairs with good trichome coverage. It's easy to work with too, my samples buds aren't too dense or airy. Vapor quality was good, with the material vaporizing for a nice amount of time before its duffed out. Personally, not too fond of the taste, at least on a vaporizer. Extremely piney, almost nutty. I got cerebral affects at first, but that was while I was sitting up, vaporizing. Then I laid down and felt that Pre 98 Bubba sneak in and hit me with some good vibes and relaxation while I write this review. It's definitely warming me up to bed, but not completely zonking me out, though my tolerance is on the higher side. Not sure if I'd recommend this to a new smoker, but a novice could enjoy as well. All in all, this is a solid night/chill time flower. Sans the taste, I enjoy this strain quite a bit. I'd pick this up again.