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Avatar for hotrod1228

this is the second time I've ben fortunate enough to score a BIG ASS SACK of this incredible herb for my medication. my condition? stonecoldsoberitus combined with an inflammation of lazy ass. the cure? a few bong rips of the blue mystic. I had forgotten what I thought other than that I liked it from the previous time I had this incredible strain, but one thick plume of smoke after another rising above my soaring head reminded my of the many things I love about this flower. opening the bag I immediately got the sweet berry notes, but under that there was also a really nice floral, almost feminine note that lingered on the finish. the taste was fruity with berries and sweet dankness all over it, but not a sickening and sugary overkill, and the buds.........oh good lord I'm on a gravy train with biscuit wheels! did I mention they were LARGE GREEN NUGS? DENSE. BIG, FLUFFY nugs all the way up to almost golf ball sized. perfectly trimmed and cured, my fingers were covered in the sticky icky every time I handled them. the high was total and complete head/body combo. after my session, I had planned to edit some of the music on my mp3 for my car. apparently on autopilot, my physical self filled in something like 13 or 14 holes in the back yard that gracie, my pit bull earth mover, had dug in the last few days, while my mind was off in the ionosphere creating, imagining, and day dreaming about things of all nature. physically exhausted and dripping wet with perspiration in the Texas summer heat, and with enough goddamn humidity so that it felt like Vietnam, I revived myself with the acura's arctic storm delivering a/c as I waited in the drive through at Whataburger. the second prescription dr ganja gave to me called for a custom order "double double" add mayo, bacon, and guacamole, with jalapenos and a giant lemonade. gracie got a justaburger plain and dry, add cheese.