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Update: Clear Focused High ! This is REAL MEDICINE !!! DENSE Buds !!! (Leafs by Snoop Flowers are: 4 Dense, 2 Medium, and 2 spongey among my samples Which is awesome !!! I couldn't be happier with all 8 "cures" of the Flowers, Bravo Team L.B.S. This is a strain that Jane and John Public should be using and everyone will feel good and improve mood ! No anxiety, no racing thoughts, no drugged feeling (it's listed at 14% THC and it feels like 14% :P It's just a relaxed positive attitude ! I tried Blue Dream... (I rarely return to a strain unless it's real medicine, and I did not return. This ISN'T Blue Dream ! It's BETTER ! I WILL return to this strain. The smell is predominantly Ground Black Pepper And it only has a Blue hue when looked at a distance. The inhale in NOT flavorful (most aren't) Under magnification (LivWell has one to look at with before you buy) Blueberry Dream has easily the most trichomes of all 8 strains. The paternal instincts in me make me want to suggest this to college kids as a FAR MORE ENJOYABLE HIGH that other higher THC strains that can lead to a "bad trip" Of course this means it's great for all newbies and or people who want the highs associated with getting high but not the lows This is perfect for that ! I'm used to 20+% strains but many of them make me act nervous usually the 25+% strains are the culprits. This is nothing like that strange uncomfortable feeling This strain is what you need to be recommending to other Rec and Med Patients Your vision will NOT blur You will NOT pass out You WILL become more SOCIAL !!! & it DOES provide a relaxing BODY HIGH (It's obviously a HYBRID categorized incorrectly as Sativa You WILL ENJOY this strain You'll fall in love with "her" look omg You'll smell Blueberries But you won't taste them (that's normal) You'll bomb the place out with the smoke smell And then...you'll be MASTER YODA and grinning from ear to ear Word Dogg