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Avatar for BarkleyHighEh

I've been a very heavy smoker for many years now, so I can almost always handle a little chronic. That being said, after taking a hit of this strain, I proceed to be very "wrecked". For some reason every time I smoke this strain one of my eyes seems to droop and well I can say this; don't use this strain if you are trying to be discreet about being high. I ended up getting stoned before a dinner with my girlfriends family and it fcked me over real good. When in a chill environment though, I absolutely love ice wreck. The high that it gives you is very in your face, when I take a hit I feel as if I had been kicked in the face violently by a kangaroo. It gives you that trainwreck high but the indica really comes through as well which makes me love this strain before bed. It kind of jumbles my brain and makes me a little bit unfuntional at times, which i personally love because I can really feel "stoned" again when I smoke this as opposed to some other strains where the effects are almost too manageable and light? If that makes sense. If you are a inexperienced smoker this strain may give you some parinoia and a cloudy head, which in many circumstances can be undesirable effects.