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Avatar for TubeDoobers

This strain is not for those who want to "get high". It's a medicinal strain, high in CBD/low in THC. I suggest taking only one hit on the first go. Not because the high is super intense, but because you can build up a tolerance and it's best with CBD strains to take it easy so this doesn't happen quickly, to get the full benefits. The first time I tried it, right in the beginning of the high I started to get an unpleasant feeling that I sometimes get with some strains, but it disappeared very quickly and was replaced with a very comfortable calming sensation that made it all worth it. I could feel it in my head on the first two or three uses. After that it stopped and I only feel the medicinal benefits without the high, so tolerance is built quickly for that side of it, which is good because I really needed a medicinal strain that wasn't going to mess me up. I can think clearly through this and function easily out of the house and the pain relief this strain gives is unmatched so far. Instant pain relief. After my third or fourth day, the relief only got better. It is almost instant too. I suffer from inflammation due to a genetic nerve disorder that comes with extreme pain, PTSD, ADHD, nausea and other stomach complications (gasteroparisis), and Autism. I can tell you it helps with all of it. It helps with pain. There is no doubt about it. The pain is 80% gone completely and that small amount that is left, is read differently by the brain, in such a way that it can be tolerated better. It's hard to explain, but it really works. I'll never take a pain killer again. With the PTSD, it creates an instant calm so I stop feeling like I need to constantly scan my environment. Anxiousness and anxiety both disappear and things somehow just feel calm and okay... a really big deal for me. I am also able to stop my flashbacks in their tracks so I don't have to relive the trauma. Nothing has done this for me before and I am a long term sufferer who has tried everything, including EMDR five times, (which does help a LOT if you haven't tried it). My concentration is greatly improved and my ADHD, which tested significantly impaired at less than 2% of the ADHD population, has been cut in half. It does not cure Autsim, but I can tell you that it significantly decreases overstimulation, which is the trigger for most melt-downs or behavioral issues. Being sick, I suffer internal and external stimulation and this helps with both, so I am less agitated and snappy when over stimulated. If I put on sunglasses and ear plugs or my sound proof head set, it stops almost completely. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this strain. If you experience any discomfort in the beginning, don't worry. It disappears fast and is replaced by unparalleled benefits that make it well worth it. It also stops happening after the third dose completely. Even stress disappears. OH! Also, my wife suffers from PMDD (if you know what that is, than you KNOW and that's all I am going to say about it) and I gave her two hits of that off of my vape (which I made myself with the flower using the heat and veg. glycerin method) and her symptoms were gone. It won't get rid of the cramps completely, but they become tolerable and the mood issues are gone completely as well as the sense of being overwhelmed and drained. We have tried everything at the OBGYN too and I mean everything. Nothing has helped or worked. This is almost a complete cure for the majority of the symptoms. The longer you use this and build it up in the system, the better it works. Taking too much will make you sleepy so it is effective against insomnia, however there are better strains for insomnia. This is perfect for those who do not wish to be high or to wake up groggy. One final note. This is a cure for overdosing on other strains. If you get too high, or if you use a strain that causes unexpected panic attacks or paranoia or if you feel that sensation like you can't breathe, keep some of this nearby. Especially if you are trying out new strains trying to find the ones that work for you. Taking a few hits of this, will balance out your high (bring you down to a manageable level) in a very short amount of time (typically less than five minutes). It is helping with my sister, cousin and uncle who have cancer by helping with eating and with pain from inflammation and my grandmother who has Parkinson's disease with progressive dementia. She often suffers fear and this diminishes that for her a great deal. The shaking disappears. This is a life-changing strain. Take it for about two weeks before full benefits can be felt.

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