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Chugga-chugga-choo-chooAWFUCK! ho-LY shit -- it's a TRAINWRECK! You'd think a strain named Trainwreck would leave your broken body sprawled out by the tracks while confused NTSB investigators poked at your corpse, but not this stuff: this Trainwreck wants to kill you with kindness. And it is SO kind. We're talking Uncle John's Band kind. From the first limey hit, Trainwreck wraps its arms around you like your old Nana and whispers that everything is going to be ok. Then it leaves you alone for a couple of minutes before sneaking up and lifting you gently to cruising altitude. From there, it's like being seated on the world's most comfortable couch at 20,000 feet -- for about two hours. The high won't leave you glued to your chair, nor will it make you get up and dance: this is sitting by the river listening to Tame Impala with your friends kinda weed. This is good times, big smiles and warm days. This is dancing to the Dead and getting a hug from a pretty girl (or boy -- whatever your wont!). Why they called this stuff Trainwreck is beyond me; I guess "Just Good Cannabis" didn't have the same impact. Maybe "Thomas the Dank Engine"? Shit, that's already taken. Anyway, smoke some of this shit and you'll feel good. The end.

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