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Avatar for LotusKai

I love this strain. The cross of Whitefire OG with Durban Poison was an excellent idea and produced a wonderful strain. This bud has the whole package down. The smell is that of Durban with a sweeter pungent undertone to it and breaking open a bud is almost intoxicating itself. The buds are extremely dense and dusted in white trichomes. It breaks down surprisingly easy for such dense bud; evenly too not clumpy or in balls. It tastes almost like it smells but has a much more sour taste to the exhale. The high is extremely enjoyable and very potent; users beware, this one is strong! My batch is running at 22.66%-26.58% THC, so this one is not recommended for light-weights. The high hits you immediately with effects radiating outward from the chest. An extremely noticable body high quickly develops but it doesn't leave one sedated; instead it offers a racy and uplifting stone (it actually has an actual uplifting feeling to it, like one is floating almost.) The head high is very similar with a buzz in the forehead and racy, jumpy, unfocused thoughts speed through the brain. This is a good one for doing physical activities; tedious, repetitive tasks; or even doing errands/chores. It's not very well suited for general social situations as the high can be very space and/or overwhelming in a psychedelic manner. It is definitely not recommended for night time use unless one has an EXTREMELY potent and sedative India on hand as well as producing an energetic high is high on this strains list. Overall I give this strain a 10/10; would recommend to anyone and will definitely be buying again in the future.