Marble Terp Pearls - Solid


About this product

Accessorize your banger with your favorite color. Comes packaged in a jar with a lid. Set of 3 terp pearls and marble carb cap with beautiful colors! Specs: Dimensions: 1-24mm, 1-12mm, 2-6mm Glass Thickness: Solid Material: Premium Borosilicate Glass Color: Purple, Red, Blue, Green- Keep it lit my friends!!

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About this brand

We're the aLeaf squad and we proudly craft smokable works of art here in downtown Los Angeles.

While our roots run deep in sunny California, you can grab our gear online and have it shipped to you anywhere on Earth. We're a 100% digital smokeshop serving the entire planet... one pipe at a time!

As 710 specialists, we have a ton of gear and put a lot of love into every piece, but we have to admit our PRIDE glass and concentrate collections hold the highest place in our hearts. We grew into the aLeaf you know today by helping our City of Angels Keep It Lit through thick and thin and we hope to do the same for you.

Stay Lifted Out There. ✌🏽
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