Berkel Pre-Packed 8th

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Our indica-dominant cut will have you feeling good as you find yourself red-eyed, raiding the kitchen cabinets. This classic strain will calm your mind and body while stimulating your appetite. Its pain reducing effects will soon kick in and surrender you to a relaxed state.

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About this brand

Artsy is a group of cultivators, artists & designers focused on creating the highest quality cannabis experience on the market.

Artsy invests and innovates along each step of the grow process with a focus on positive company culture and cultivating a perfect environment for the plants. Artsy's gardens leverage strict cleanliness protocols, pesticide free processes, and heavy pure-water flushes throughout the plant’s life cycle. From the highest quality genetics to meticulously curated grow rooms, Artsy's proven process results in top shelf flower with vivid “curb” appeal, robust terpene profiles, and appropriate THC levels. Artsy flower bags contain hand-trimmed, individually inspected flowers- a level of quality essential to ensuring Artsy customers receive the perfectly sized buds they've come to expect.


  • CO, US: 403R-00349
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