Limonada/Gelato Punch 10pk Pre-Roll 5g


About this product

(Limonada) Lemon Meringue x Dragon OG
(Gelato Punch) Purple Punch x Gelato #33

(Limonada) When smoking Limonada you'll feel happiness run through your brain with reflecting euphoria and focus accompanied by an amplifying sense of energy. The top reported aromas of the Limonada strain are citrus, spices, and earth. It is said to taste of pine, sour fruit, and pepper.
(Gelato Punch) Gelato Punch is a mouth-watering cross that combines an exotic sweetness with strong grape juice overtones. The flower is dense and frosty with trichomes with a beautiful green bouquet covered in orange pistils. Gelato’s sweet sherbet and fruity tones pair with the delicious grape flavor from Purple Punch to offer a smooth and flavorful exhale. This strain shows assistance in managing nausea, stress, minor body aches and sleeplessness.

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