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The Original Safety Symbol™ - Marking edibles made easy!

Our story

Baked Smart supports and promotes common sense, community-minded safety for cannabis edibles.

Baked Smart’s exclusive product, Cannacals™, are the industry’s first edible safety design made for easy and direct application to infused foods. Our edible green crosses make it possible to distinguish a regular food item from a food that contains cannabis and avoid accidental consumption. Cannacals™ adhere with moisture and can easily be applied to almost any food product including candy, chocolate, and baked goods.

Baked Smart’s Cannacals™ Home Kits are designed for consumers to have a simple way to apply edible green crosses to their cannabis creations. Cannacals™ can be baked on at home, or easily affixed to a cannabis-infused product purchased from a dispensary.

The cannabis industry has a long history of using the green cross as a representative symbol. Baked Smart felt it was the obvious symbol of choice and provides a quick way to identify infused foods.
Our mission is to one day see all edibles marked with the green cross.

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