EnrichaRoast Full Spectrum Hemp Derivatives


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Coarsely ground, roasted coffee infused with 60mg of Water Soluble Full Spectrum Hemp Derivatives 5mg per serving. Lab tested and THC-free. South American beans roasted in New York City.

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About this brand

Logo for the brand Baristas Coffee Company, Inc.
Baristas Coffee Company, Inc.
Baristas coffee making history and a big splash launching three full spectrum hemp derivative coffees containing legal CBD that are all now available at Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07N8JBWF8?ref=myi_title_dp , Baristas website www.baristas.tv , and numerous boutique retail locations carrying CBD products across the nation. Baristas is most likely the best-known CBD consumable in America due to the fact that they recently made advertising history becoming the first CBD product advertised at a Super Bowl where digital and video ads were seen on over 50,000 digital screens on mobile devices, and cell phones at the stadium during the day of the game. The ads featured international supermodel/actress Front Montgomery and recording artist/ “Crunge” founder Megs McLean who also advertised Baristas CBD coffee as she historically gave an exclusive special preview of her soon to be released new single “Frisky” to those attending the 2019 Grammys. And if that was not enough, Baristas became the first company ever to advertise a CBD product at NASCAR races where the Baristas products are being advertised at 61 NASCAR races in print and digital displays but can also now be seen online in the top NASCAR digital publication ROAR. When you couple this with the fact that Baristas was already well known nationally for its reality show and other products www.trywhitecoffee.com which it advertises alongside its new CBD lineup, it is easy to understand why they have recently been the most successful in creating a known brand, more so than any other CBD company across all delivery methods.
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