Lemon Sherbert Live Resin Cartridge 0.5g


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Each cartridge contains the highest quality HTE (High Terpene Extract) live resin sauce. Because fresh frozen preserves more terpene content and the terpene content mimics fresh flower, our soil to oil ethos enables you to taste the difference in quality right away. If you haven't tried our live resin sauce cart, this is your chance.

Cool, crisp citrus - refreshing fruity sweetness - the slightest hint of creamy vanilla - piney undertones pervade - you can basically already taste this lemon sherbert, can’t you? Sugary sweet, with earthen and citrus notes to balance. Lemon Sherbert is sunshine. As cooling and refreshing as that flavor profile sounds, don’t let it fool you - this may be the perfect relaxation tonic, but Lemon Sherbert also packs quite a punch! Though it calms and relaxes, soothes the mind and body, it also maintains that feeling far longer, and with more vigor than most. Expect to feel calm and relaxed, but heightened and invigorated enough to push through the hottest of summer days! Take this to the beach with you, or through a walk in the park.

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We felt the highest standards did not exist, so we set out to create them. At Binske, the quality of your experience and the relationships you cultivate with our products comes first and foremost, which is why we deploy the utmost sophistication and pride in every single batch we produce. As self-confessed perfectionists, obsessed with quality and flavor, we consistently go through great lengths, paying attention to the granular details in order to craft unforgettable sensations that can be found in each and every luxurious bite, sip or hit. Binske is dedicated to delivering an elevated cannabis experience like no other that affords everyone a taste of the high life, anywhere any time. Whether it's through our cannabis products or the lifestyle section of our brand featuring art and fashion collabs and innovation. Once you get a taste of the high life, there's no going back.


  • CA, US: C11-0001274-LIC
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