Blazy Susan King Size Pink Rolling Papers

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Ideal for getting creative with your joints, our King Size Rolling Papers are the perfect option for when standard rolling papers just aren’t big enough. Whether you’re rolling a cross joint or a classic doobie, the King Size is your best friend.

At 50 Leaves per booklet, we are almost DOUBLE the industry average of 32 papers per booklet.

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About this brand

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Blazy Susan
Blazy Susan is one of the fastest growing brands in the rolling paper and smoking accessories spaces. They've begun to make a name for themselves worldwide for their signature Pink Rolling Papers and one of a kind Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray. Founded in 2017, Blazy Susan is based out of Denver, Colorado.

Stoners all over have fallen in love with the Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers and Pink Pre Rolled Cones. These papers are known to be very slow burning, producing a fine white ash and adding no unwanted flavor or smell to your smoking experience. These premium rolling papers and cones are available in a variety of sizes and styles, including everything from standard papers to king size cones.

The first Blazy Susan product (and the namesake of the brand) is the Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray - a play on the traditional "Lazy Susan". This spinning rolling tray is an essential smoking accessory for any stoner. It is meant to house all of your various smoking accessories and rolling accoutrements. Featuring customized slots for your ashtrays, weed jars, grinder, lighters, and more, this tray will help you tidy up your space and take back your coffee table.

Blazy Susan prides themselves on giving back to the community that helped them get to where they are. Every year, Blazy Susan participates in and contributes to a number of charitable causes, including everything from breast cancer research to reforestation and wildlife cleanup. Blazy has partnered with organizations such as The Lynn Sage Foundation and One Tree Planted to make an impact.
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