Incline Puffer Pod™


About this product

The Incline Puffer Pod™ Stand holds a 4″ x 2 ½” sign card allowing plenty of room for detailed strain information along with an inset to hold the Puffer Pod® secure and an access hole to pass an optional tether cable thru for added security.

The Puffer Pod® itself is an elegantly clean design which uses simple physics to deliver a generous whiff of wonderful cannabis aromas without the need for a plug! The Puffer Pod® incorporates ‘Micro Holes’ that block air movement until the puff button is pressed. When pressed quickly the Puffer Pod® then delivers an ample wisp of terpene aroma.

The Puffer Pod® also features a humidity tray which hides an optional Boveda® Humidity Control Pack underneath, allowing samples to stay fresher, longer. The tray, along with our trademark magnifier and nug spike, make this Incline Puffer Pod™ display a “Puffing Powerhouse”!

The Incline Puffer Pod™ is Tether Ready.

Overall Dimensions: 4 1⁄16″ wide x 6 ¾” deep x 2 ⅜” tall without Pod (4 ⅜” tall with Pod).

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