The Woods - 1.25 w/ Tips - Display Box (22)


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The Woods - Display Box (1.25 w/ Tips) - Canadian Lumber All Natural Rolling Papers

Canadian Lumber All Natural Woods Rolling Papers are made from 100% all natural, wood pulp.

The Display Box comes with 22 rolling paper booklets in a retail-style box. These booklets are 1.25 (1&1/4) in length and come with tips. In addition, all Canadian Lumber 1.25 booklets come with the revisable tray package. Flip and fold on the creases to create an on-the-go tray! Each booklet comes with 40 papers and 40 filter tips.

The Woods are made from 100% all-natural, unrefined and unbleached wood pulp. As a result of the wood fibres being extremely thin and unrefined, the Woods have been pressed into our thinnest rolling paper.  At 12.5 gsm, this is one of the thinnest wood based papers on the market. Our process allows for the natural brown colour of the raw wood to come through in the papers without adding dyes or chemicals. While the intact fibres allow this paper to be durable and keep its natural brown colour. This results in a smooth, even burn that won't go out.

Canadian Lumber 1.25 Rolling Papers are all natural, unrefined and unbleached. This allows for a quality, slow, smooth experience. Every aspect of our rolling papers is completely all natural. We've even replaced the glue seal with an Arabic Gum Seal; triple distilled tree sap we've sourced from a conflict free region in West Africa.

We regularly test our papers for impurities & allergens to ensure the quality, and more importantly the safe consumption of all our paper products. For more information please visit the link to our website.

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