White Truffle Shatter 1g


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Shatter derives its name for the shelf stable consistency of the finished product, which can be broken off or “shattered”. Shatter with a higher-than-average terpene content, however, can become a more tacky or malleable consistency, referred to as “pull & snap”. Canamo’s Shatter is a visually appealing yet affordable concentrate which provides a multitude of sedative qualities. Available in 1.0g and 5.0g slabs.
o AVERAGE POTENCY RANGE: 80% - 90% Total Cannabinoids
o IDEAL DAB TEMP: 550f – 650f
o PRO TIP: For easier workability with stable shatter, warm up the tip of your dab tool before trying to break off your ideal dab.

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About this brand

Logo for the brand Canamo Concentrates
Canamo Concentrates
Revered by ‘heady’ connoisseurs and new dab enthusiasts alike, Canamo is our premium line of cannabis concentrates. Utilizing top quality flower grown by Sonoran Roots as our single source for input material, Canamo is poised to continue its ascent, offering only the best cured and live extracts to our customers.​
Our brand’s logo is an altered version of a Mexican sugar skull; it is only natural to choose a turquoise color to further represent our corner of the country and the history of its people. Looking at our name, chosen colors and logo, it’s easy to see that Canamo Concentrates radiates southwestern vibes.


  • AZ, US: 00000109ESVM44878444
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