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Cannassentials has been a licensed Oregon cultivator since 2015. Our family farm, located just outside Eugene specializes in living soil grown Beyond Indoor flower.
We cultivate in high intensity light assisted, fully climate controlled greenhouses; in living soil beds that are open to the native ground.
Our methods emphasize probiotics; fruit and plant ferments are crafted on site, as well as sprouted seed, herb, and compost teas. We amend with biologically active top dress customized to both soil test results and strain preferences. We only provide our ecosystem with essential micronutrients found in nature; we choose our amendments with care to maintain consistent levels of bioavailability. By excluding factory farm animal by-products commonly used in organic agriculture as a cheap source of fertility, our harvests are higher quality, ethical, and sustainable, with more fragrant bouquets and abundant terpene profiles. We never need to worry about nutrient overload that can be created by these by-products, which negatively impact both the burn quality and full aromatic experience of the flower. Rather, we mostly use plants to feed our plants, as they already have a near perfect balance of nutrients, as well as terpenes and other beneficial compounds that commercial amendments lack. And because everything that goes into our soil is food-grade, we do not need to “flush” anything out! Driven by our passion for health and providing the safest product possible to share, we feed our plants as we feed ourselves.
We hope the 16 awards we have won in the past 7 years shows the world that the best way to grow top shelf cannabis is in harmony with nature.

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