City Trees 20:1 MCT Oil Tincture


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With an ideal blend of CBD and THC, our MCT oil-based 20:1 tincture is an incredible option for users who need pain relief and mild relaxation with lower psychoactive effects.

MCTs (Medium chain triglycerides) are beneficial fats that are easy for the body to convert into energy, requiring minimal action from the liver. MCT oil is one of the fastest sources of clean fuel for the body and brain, making it a great way to boost performance or jump start a nutrition program.

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About this brand

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City Trees
The city brings us drive, innovation, and a will to keep pushing forward. The trees bring us connection, clarity, and a grounding that helps heal the world around us. We combine years of expertise in cannabis cultivation, extraction, and distribution to deliver the highest quality THC distillate products in Nevada. Using our proprietary extraction processes and relentless attention to detail we craft a variety of clean boutique cannabis products that deliver consistent results. Run that trail; find your zen; write that next track. Sustain Your State with City Trees.
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