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Our story

Dirty Girls Cannabis is soil grown in Chino Valley, AZ. Literally names as one of the 10 best places to grow crops in the entire world, Chino Valley offers unmatched growing conditions for the cannabis plant.

Sourced from only the best breeders and then sorted by our own expert team means a superior cannabis experience. Once grown from seed and after sexing is complete, we then grow between 2 and 5 phenotypes of the same strain for multiple harvests. This helps us isolate the very best phenotypes for each strain we grow. This is an arduous process that takes over 16 months for each strain. This means the Blue Dream you get from Dirty Girls is the very best example of the strain that you will find. The same can be said for each and every one of the 40 strains we grow.

Dirty Girls Cannabis is grown in 9 different 1650 square foot controlled environment solar film facilities. Each has its own thermal capillary barrier, its own light deprivation system, its own heating and cooling system, and supplemental lighting. This allows for 5 harvest a year out of each grow house.

Our select cannabis thrives in this environment mainly because Chino Valley sits at 4000 elevation. Most cannabis strains (especially indica strains) grow larger, faster, and with higher THC and richer terpene profiles when grown at elevation. The full expression of each strain comes out in natural light and elevation. This is because most cannabis was originally bred in the Hindu Kush mountain range.

We currently grow most of the classics as well as a few exotics, all the best examples of each strain. Try the Dirty Girls Experience!