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Chocolope feminized seeds are DNA Genetics' pride and joy. Once matured into buds, they showcase mouthwatering and powerful qualities. This strain has an impressive award record, including the prestigious High Times Strain of the Year 2007. Crafted from the genetics of OG Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze—both known for their quality—Chocolope delivers high THC levels and top-tier sativa-dominant genetics. Its cerebral, uplifting effects prepare you for creative tasks, followed with a pleasant and comfortable buzz.
Chocolate sensation
Chocolope marijuana seeds develop into plants with an earthy aroma and undertones of coffee and, of course—chocolate. It's a sweet sensation, much like enjoying a delicious dessert.
Chocolope Feminized Seeds Review

Feelings: Uplifted, motivated, creative
Helps with: Anxiety, fatigue, lack of appetite
Flowering time: 8–9 weeks
Yield: 18–21 oz./m² (indoors), 32oz./plant (outdoors)

DNA Genetics' Chocolope seeds were crafted as a tribute to the chocolate strains popular in the 80s. With OG Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze as their parents, these seeds and later plants offer some serious potency and exceptional effects. High THC levels make Chocolope ideal for experienced users seeking a powerful cerebral high. You can count on increased motivation and creativity. Medically, the strain helps with stress, fatigue, and loss of appetite. Besides their exceptional effects, Chocolope seeds are also incredibly easy to grow and delicious to taste. Their buds are large, heavy, and bursting with flavor. These golden beauties offer a rich, earthy taste of chocolate and notes of pastry and coffee.

Treat yourself to the award-winning chocolate of the cannabis world

About this strain

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