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At DRIP, we take pride in creating potent, connoisseur-grade cannabis concentrates available on the Arizona market. Our parent brand tru|med is well known for the production of award-winning boutique cannabis flower that supplies the valley. DRIP utilizes this exclusive material to produce the finest batters, sauces and rosins for the entire state.


From our state of the art extraction facility with the newest available equipment to our cutting edge extraction processes, DRIP is always striving to achieve the next level. When it comes to creating quality product, no expense is spared. Quality is the standard, not the exception.

Our concentrate line is made from the highest quality material available from our cultivation of boutique cannabis flowers. We offer three different tiers for patients to choose from to allow for all budgets and connoisseurs alike. The tiers designate the level of curing for the cannabis being extracted used as well as overall quality judged by our expert extract technicians. Cured Resin, Premium Cured Resin and Live Resin are the current tiers available for customers in the state of Arizona. Available in 1g or 3.5g UV-resistant jars. DRIP also offers an incredible Live Hash Rosin throughout the state.

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