Durango Lemon Purp

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DLP is another of the hot new strains on the Coffee shop menu’s in Amsterdam. With its background of a Kosher Kush crossed with Tangie, and a Durban Poison crossed with Grand Daddy Purple, this strain is sure to be a hit on the Colorado market. This strain should be a very new addition to the pot connoisseur’s pallet in North America. Lemon Twizzler is packed with Cherry, Tangerine, and Earthy notes that ensure an incredible smell and even better flavor. Given it is a blend of four to six very unique flavor and high backgrounds this strain is sure to leave you feeling euphoric, relaxed, and uplifted.

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About this brand

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Durango Cannabis Company
DCC is a family-owned REC-OPC proudly growing in Durango, CO. We custom built an 8,000 sq ft facility to ensure a consistent and controlled environment for our plants. We grow exclusively with Batch 64's Moonshine blend. We recycle 99% of our water through Surna Tec, making our impact less than an average 4-person home. We recycle our soil at the end of every harvest and donate it to local community groups.

All of our plants are hang dried for 7-10 days and then enter our custom glass cure-containers for a minimum of 30 days. Most of our genetics are popped from seed and then phenohunted to select the winning phenotypes. With a few high quality clones of elusive strains being recently introduced. Every single genetic is sourced from reputable breeders.
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