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Emerald Grown

Small-batch, hand-crafted cannabis.

Our story

Emerald Grown is an agricultural cooperative of independent California Cannabis farmers who stand together in solidarity to preserve quality, craft cannabis production. We specialize in small-batch, hand-crafted medicinal cannabis products, grown with care and intention. We strive to support small farms, improve our communities, and be exceptional land stewards. Our goal is to increase abundance for all. From our family farms, with love, we bring to you the Emerald Grown experience.
What is a Cooperative?
"An agricultural co-operative (co-op) is an autonomous association of farmers who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual social, economic and cultural benefit.”
Why join us?
Emerald Grown Cooperative aims at helping cannabis farms come into compliance with regulation so that they can operate their farms legally into the future. Working with business partners across the state we will help elevate the standards. Together, we are ensuring that California remains a global leader in the cannabis industry through standards, certification, traceability, cooperative marketing and brand development.

Look for the expanded list of our farmer members as the craft Cannabis farms of California come into the light! Together we are stronger!
We are heritage, craft cannabis farmers with a deep love for the plant.
We cultivate dozens of strains from seed, propagating and sharing genetics through our participation in the Emerald Grown Seed Library. It is of utmost importance to us as farmers, community members and land stewards to see a healthy, sustainable cannabis industry thrive and flourish under regulation.
We are leaders.
The Emerald Grown Co-op is important to us, as leaders in our community because it provides the potential for a common set of understandings amongst farmers. As individuals, farms are at the mercy of market forces and large contract buyers who use superior economic capacity to take advantage of smaller businesses. Cooperatives are the tool given to small businesses to compete in a large-scale model.

Our diversified farms have ventured forth into an unknown world of being public, representing the love that we put into our cannabis. If we do so alone, we face great risk and peril. We seek to band together with like-minded farmers and business people, to stand up, to proclaim proudly that small diversified farms are important for our communities and our environment!

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