Triple Chocolate 10:10 Rapid Acting Balanced Cookie


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Your new favorite Chocolate Chip cookie! Infused with Rapid-acting Emprise Nano Emulsion active in 8-12 minutes. Attention chocolate and cannabis lovers everywhere: Emprise Rapid triple Chocolate is here to satisfy your cravings. These cookies are small-batch and handmade with premium concentrates and three types of chocolate: milk, dark, and Dutch cocoa powder. The soft and buttery texture mimics that of a brownie to satisfy your sweet tooth with a rapid cannabis kick. Emprise sources premium ingredients, never using preservatives.

Each 20 g cookie contains a 10:10mg Balanced formulation of Rapid-acting THC: CBD, with one cookie per package. These cookies can be frozen for up to three months to enjoy later.

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About this brand

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Emprise Canada
Emprise Canada

The literal meaning of Emprise is to undertake.

“Poised to undertake the responsibility of producing the highest quality and best-formulated midstream cannabis products for the betterment of the people.”

Started in 2017, Emprise holds two cannabis processing licenses through its wholly-owned subsidiary, iNaturally Organic Inc. Both licensed facilities are located in the Heart of Alberta and are focused strictly on midstream processing and manufacturing of innovative products.

One of our facilities is in the Town of Olds, Alberta, with a population of just under 10,000. This is considered the Mecca of nutraceutical and cannabis product manufacturing in Alberta… as some of our friends in the industry have referred to as the Silicon Valley of Cannabis. The Town of Olds offers highly skilled individuals who have historically operated in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and farming industries that bring a wealth of expertise and competencies to the cannabis industry. Here, Emprise’s core values and knowledge in midstream manufacturing shine in our GMP-compliant manufacturing facility. This facility’s manufacturing processes lead to the production of 50+ products in five specific dose formats - softgels, ingestible oils, proprietary advanced nano emulsion, topicals & edibles

Emprise Canada is a through and through Alberta-incorporated and operated company, involving local business owners that are best in their field and the community to introduce the best mid- stream products to Canadians coast-to-coast. Alberta is an oil country after all, and Emprise is doing its part to change that from crude to pure distilled value-added cannabis products right here in Alberta, and share it with the world. As Emprise is not a cultivator, we have built strategic relationships with local and national best-in-class upstream cultivation companies to provide us with the purest cannabis distillates specific to customers' needs for our formulations.

Emprise’s Unique Positioning in the Cannabis Sector:

The cannabis industry in Canada has evolved into three basic segments: upstream, midstream, and downstream. The cultivation segment is broadly referred to as the upstream segment of cannabis; this includes the cultivation, seed/phenotype development, and the growing and selling of cannabis flowers.
The midstream is where extracting, processing, formulating, and packaging of the consumer product in various delivery formats is achieved. This is also where new innovations, such as Emprise’s Advanced Nano water-soluble oils, is introduced to the manufacturing system. Using pharmacopeia sciences, Emprise is splitting a drop of cannabis oil into billions of tiny droplets, each with the size of one-thousands of the width of human hair, and then making them stable in a water solution. This is a rare accomplishment. This type of science increases the bioavailability of cannabis oil by 3 to 4 times due to the increased surface area and ease of absorption. This also decreases the onset time of the cannabis, giving the user effects within 12-15 minutes vs 45-60 minutes with regular oils, thus reducing consumption and potential overdose. This is the type of scientific research and product development that Emprise is leading right here in Alberta.

Lastly, the downstream of the cannabis sector refers to market channels to access the ultimate consumers. In Canada, there are two primary sales channels: (1) online sales directly to patients for medical purposes, and (2) sales to government agencies for distribution to licensed retail stores to serve their communities and customers.

Led by an Experienced Ethical Team of Professionals:

Emprise Canada is led by a small team of three Founders: Dr. Anil Jain, CEO, with a lifetime experience in energy, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing, and science and technology development; Mukhdeep Mangat, Director of Manufacturing, who is engaged in the development and manufacturing of nutraceutical products; and Maximilian Michalowski, VP Sales, and Marketing, with deep experience in Canada’s natural health and wellness industry by owning and building national retail stores and building out one of Canada’s largest wellness initiatives. Our passion to come together and build Emprise empowers the consumer to explore our range of products and experience what nature has to offer and change the relationship people have with their health and wellness. Cannabis poses many potential positive attributes and offers solutions to those who are suffering from debilitating physical or mental attributes. The Emprise team is passionate to provide the highest quality products that customers can trust and count on.

Our Promise to Canadians:

Emprise is embarking on a journey to being the first choice for reliable, cannabis-derived, premium products and will be easily accessible as a result of bold market penetration, tactics, and strategic relationships. Emprise is an innovative product manufacturing company with a passion for revealing the true potential of cannabis for the purpose of bettering the lives of families across Canada and the globe. By using advanced scientific research and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, we provide solutions that enable our customers to explore alternative cannabis-infused goods that reduce the stress and strain of modern living. Our mission is to combine high-quality products with expert knowledge and sophisticated science and processes to support better lifestyles. We conduct our business activities to a high level of integrity and care. Emprise will lead the journey to prove the effectiveness and practicality of incorporating the benefits of the cannabis plant in daily living.

You can reach Max Michalowski - VP, of Emprise directly at:


  • AB, CA: LIC-DILGKC084S-2022
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