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The Eyce Mini Beaker is the ultimate in compact, convenient and durable silicone water pipes. Perfect for life on the go, the Mini Beaker stands at a mere 7.25 inches, but boasts an impressive array of features. With an innovative platinum cured silicone body and stainless steel poker included, this pipe is designed to last you a lifetime. Plus, it has a large hidden container which can store extra material, a 14mm Borosilicate glass bowl and a brand-new platinum cured percolated down stem. An ice catcher also allows you to cool down your smoke for a smooth hit every time.

Eyce Molds have been perfecting their silicone products since their inception, creating useful products with creativity and integrity as their mission statement. They strive to provide value and quality with each piece they make, all while maintaining affordability. This dedication has translated into many different types of customers using their products - from top athletes to busy professionals - all benefiting from the innovation of Eyce Molds' designs.

The Mini Beaker Includes:
- Platinum Cured Silicone Body
- Large Hidden Container
- 14mm Borosilicate Glass Bowl
- New* Platinum Cured Percolated Down Stem
- Ice Catcher
- Stainless Steel Poker

To ensure satisfaction with every purchase, Eyce Molds offers a Lifetime Warranty for all their products - including the Eyce Mini Beaker Water Pipe. This guarantee not only shows that they stand behind their product 100%, but that they are committed to providing customers with high-quality items that will last them generations - no matter how often it is used or where it is taken. With this promise also come peace of mind knowing that if anything does malfunction on your mini beaker, you will be covered by this warranty for life!

No matter if you are smoking flower or concentrates, the Eyce Mini beaker can provide exceptional performance without worry or hassle due to its innovative design features and warranty coverage. The platinum cured silicone body provides durability while the borosilicate glass slide ensures smooth hits every time - even if you decide to add ice in order to cool your smoke further through its built-in ice catcher feature! Its small size makes it easy to transport while still being able to hold plenty of material in its hidden container located in the base of the pipe; plus its stainless steel poker allows you to mix up your old material without worry of breaking any glass pieces inside the pipe itself!

If convenience and quality are what you are searching for in a water pipe then look no further than Eyce's Mini Beaker Water Pipe! Not only does this product offer great performance in terms of both flower & concentrate use, but it comes backed by an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty that provides peace of mind for many years ahead! So don't hesitate; get your hands on one today before these sell out fast!

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Eyce Molds creates silicone smoking devices for CBD flower and concentrates. Their Lifetime Warranty is enough to prove the durability and strength of each Eyce Molds design. Our products are built to last, providing a superior experience. Our popular silicone pipes, beakers, rigs, and accessories are not only stylish, but top quality. The proof is in the product; it's "Durability That Rips! "
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