Peanut Brittle Cold Cure Live Rosin Batter


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Peanut Brittle Cold Cure Live Rosin is that Funk!! One of the most unique Terp profiles you will ever experience!!! Strong peanut flavor with gas undertone. This one will give you the dab sweats! Three Flavors Farm featured flower is some of the best starting material and we are so excited to be sharing this hash with you!

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Funk Extracts
Funk Extracts is based in Southern Oregon and focuses on something for everyone! Whether you're looking for something on a budget, or that exotic fresh Rosin drop, we got you covered!! There is some Funk for everyone who is looking for a flavorful dabbing experience.


  • OR, US: 030-1008055E8E6
  • OR, US: 030 1008055E8E6
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