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Ting is an outdoor strain that comes from the parents Purple Tangie and Orange Creamsicle #5. It carries a sweet citrus and vanilla flavor right as you open the container. If you are someone who enjoys a consistent steady high, then Ting is the strain for you. It begins with a surge of mental energy that can get you out and about with your productivity needs. Users of this strain have found that they do not feel sedated at all when consuming Ting, truly a Sativa strain. Our recommended usages of Ting would be as a wake-n-bake, a socializer, or a creativity enhancer. Not a strain to be underestimated you will find unique and beautiful pheno.

About this strain

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Garden First Cannabis
A company run by growers, where decisions were made in the best interest of the plants and the people that take care of them.

Garden First was founded in 2017 with a simple mission - Always put the Garden First. Compost teas, organic pest management practices, slow curing and hand trimming are just a few of the ways we do this. This mission of never cutting corners and treating things with respect bleeds into how we run our business. Our employees are our family, and we provide incentive programs to make sure they feel the love. We also try to bring this ethos to how we treat our Planet. We are constantly working to reduce waste and transition to biodegradable and more sustainable products, and have committed to be a 1% for the Planet company, donating 1% of our Total sales to environmental charities.
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