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Our story

At Green Earth Medicinals, we apply clinical experience in both botanical and modern allopathic medicine to the production of high-quality CBD botanical formulations.

We believe in the healing power of hemp-derived cannabinoids. We are committed to creating standardized, efficacious, medical-grade products that function in a clinical capacity. To that end, we source CBD-rich hemp from organic farms in southern Oregon. We employ cutting-edge extraction and refinement techniques under strict cGMP protocols to capture as much of the plant’s full-spectrum matrix of phytochemicals as possible. We quadruple-test our products for potency and purity.

At Green Earth Medicinals, we integrate traditional wisdom with modern science. For thousands of years, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine have included the hemp plant in their apothecaries. Throughout that time, they employed a “whole-plant” approach to the use of hemp. Even if they had the technology to create CBD isolates devoid of terpenes, flavonoids, and trace cannabinoids, they would not have done so. They understood, and we have learned from them as well as from modern science, that CBD is most efficacious within its naturally-occurring matrix of phytochemicals. We use the term “full spectrum” to describe this holistic approach to cannabinoid therapy.

We believe in harnessing the accumulated wisdom of our ancestors with the aid of modern science and clinical experience. Our formulas go beyond CBD and the entourage effect of full-spectrum hemp to include the healing potential of over 30 additional botanicals.

At Green Earth Medicinals, we don’t cut corners in our quest to create the purest and most efficacious CBD botanical products. Our formulations are based on current research at every stage of conception and production. We insist on integrity in everything we do:

- From the CBD-rich cultivars that our cultivation partners grow for us,
- To the organic soils and methods in which our hemp is grown,
- From the environmentally friendly, full-spectrum extraction methods we employ,
- To the purity and quality of the botanical ingredients we source,
- In the good manufacturing practices we follow at every stage of production,
- And finally in the way we communicate openly and honestly with our customers and practitioners.
- We created Green Earth Medicinals to meet a need, not to add more products to the crowded CBD category. Our CBD botanicals are consciously designed with wellness in mind.
- Our intention is to empower people to live calmer, better-rested lives with decreased pain and increased recovery. We created these products with a doctor’s spirit of compassion and care.

The hemp plant has a long and storied history of use as a source of medicine, food, and fiber for humanity. We honor its many gifts to us, and we are grateful to the countless pioneers who have steadfastly contributed to our knowledge of this plant throughout the millennia. We practice deep respect for hemp, for the many benefits it offers us, for the Earth in which it is grown, for the materials and processes we employ in our products’ manufacture, and ultimately to you, our valued customers. Our uncompromising commitment is to be forthright, conscientious, and diligent in every aspect of our enterprise.

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