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Cherry OG Cartridge 1g

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About this brand

Logo for the brand Green Star Growing
Green Star Growing
At Green Star Growing we believe legal, community-oriented cannabis cultivation and processing promises life-changing benefits to medical patients as well as the entire community. The fast-growing cannabis industry has the potential to generate much-needed economic stimulus for lagging rural economies and the agricultural and industrial workers who have been left behind by a changing 21st Century economy. Green Star Growing is committed to fulfilling the vision of a vibrant and positive cannabis business community that produces broadly shared gains among workers and communities by investing in education, training, infrastructure, and development in rural communities. We also grow some of the finest cannabis and produce the cleanest, most flavorful extracts available in Oregon.
Green Star Growing is the premiere, high-quality medical cannabis grower and processer in Oregon. Our premium whole flower is naturally sun-grown in the mountains of southern Oregon. We practice the most rigorous natural farming methods, without any harsh chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Because our flowers are sun-grown in the fresh mountain air of the Applegate Valley, nature itself keeps our plants healthy rather than a densely packed warehouse filled with energy-sucking, high-intensity illumination. We use a custom-blended soil, which incorporates a diverse and wholesome assortment of nutrient-rich components. This keeps our plants vibrant and healthful, and provides our finished flowers with optimal potency, flavor, and aroma with dense, sticky trichomes and robust terpene profiles.
We also use these same whole flowers in a wide variety of CO2-based extracts available in the style of your choice (not edibles): vaporizer cartridges, disposable vaporizers, taffy, hard taffy, and jelly. Green Star Growing produces naturally preserved, terpene rich extracts that have the same great taste of whole flower, if not better; while providing the safety and convenience that comes with using a vaporizer. We also offer high-THC extracts with enhanced potency. We will also be offering high-CBD products in late 2016. We know you love variety and so do we! Green Star offers more than a dozen strains in a wide variety of consistencies. Our goal is to have something for every condition, taste, or preference, and we’re always working on something new!
Our products are not only the finest available in Oregon, they’re inspired by our philosophy and our values. What we’re accomplishing in Oregon doesn’t just offer the opportunity for transformative treatment in the lives of patients who use Green Star Growing products, it offers the opportunity for transformative change in the lives of agricultural workers and communities in rural Oregon. Green Star Growing is committed to investing in training, education, and infrastructure development in southern Oregon. The 21st Century economy has left many rural workers and communities behind, and we believe responsible marijuana cultivation and processing can help kick-start opportunities for folks not just in the cannabis industry, but also in the communities that host those businesses.
In short, we aim to make good on the promise of legal marijuana to patients, to our communities, and to the earth. We hope you choose to join us in fulfilling the promise of a more positive, healthy, and prosperous future and the role that natural, legal cannabis plays in it!