Drago Live Hash Rosin Badder (1g)


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Drago, also known as "Dragon OG" is a rare Sativa dominant Hybrid strain created by crossing the infamous OG Kush with the potent Red Dragon strain. The Dragon OG high swoops in soon after your first few tokes, lifting your spirits and your mental state to a new plane of happiness and relaxation. As your mind reaches new heights of euphoria, your body will soon follow suit thanks to a tingly spike of vigor that runs from head to toe with a jolt of energy.

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About this strain

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Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, Grow Sciences is focused on cultivating elite genetics in a craft cannabis format to produce flower and extraction products that delight the consumer. We are on track to have 150+ artisans, craftspeople, and business people on our team by the end of 2022.
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