'The Essentials' Grow Kit | Spider Farmer LED | Gorilla Grow Tent | 2’ x 4’


About this product

Happy Hydro has made it easier than ever to start your grow! Starting with the light, tent, and ventilation kit to ensure you have the essentials to get a proper grow up and running. We've hand-picked our favorite supplies (yes, we are growers, too!) for an enjoyable and trouble-free cultivation experience.

The Equipment
The centerpiece of this kit is the Gorilla 2’ x 4’ grow tent. Premium canvas and the sturdiest steel frame around make this tent, truly, top notch. The Gorilla tent is paired with the AC Infinity T4 Inline Duct Fan and 8 feet of ducting. As discretion is of utmost importance, a 4-inch Australian Charcoal Duct Carbon Filter connects with the fan to eliminate all odors.

The size of your harvest largely depends on the quality of your lighting. The Spider Farmer SF-2000 is a top-tier LED grow light, putting out 200 watts of power that can be dimmed as needed. The fixture easily supplies enough light for the 2’ x 4’ area and features excellent corner coverage.

Only The Essentials Grow Tent Kit Contents:
1 x Gorilla Grow Tent GGT24 | 2'x4'
1 x Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light
1 x Cloudline T4 Inline Duct Fan w/ Adjustable Speed Controller | 4 Inch
1 x Duct Carbon Filter, Australian Charcoal | 4-Inch
1 x 4-inch Four-Layer Ducting - 8ft

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