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Introducing Space Glue Live Resin: Extracted from the same material as the flower - This Live Resin tests extremely high in terpenes, at 12.25% and loaded with rare minor cannabinoids such as CBDv, CBC, CBL. The terpene profile is inherited from the flower, with a pungent sweet skunk profile. . It's very high in the gassy terpene Terpinolene (2.26%), Myrcene (2.14%), & Farnesene (2.53%).

1 gram of Space Glue Live Resin. Compatible with the Puffco concentrate vaporizer.

Hydrocarbon extract

Total CBD: 57.36%

CBDV: 2.32%

CBC: 2.97%

CBL: 2.13%

CBG: 1.30%

Total Cannabinoids: 76.85%

Total Terpenes: 12.25%

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