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Cultivating health, harmony and higher consciousness for people and planet, our joints are made from biodynamic whole flowers (never duff, smalls or trim) that have been slow-cured, hand-trimmed, and hand-packed, to offer a connoisseur experience, delicious sungrown flavor and a beautifully balanced effect.

Regarded as a healing practice for the earth, biodynamic farming is the gold standard for cultivating cannabis with the greatest harmonizing and therapeutic potential. With less than one-acre of Demeter certified biodynamic cannabis gardens in the state of California, there are limited supplies of these incredibly special flower for the world to share.

Each pack contains five perfectly portioned and packed cannabis joints (3.5g of whole flower) and 12 inches of organic beeswax hemp wick. To preserve terpenes and flavor, each joint comes sealed in a reusable, recyclable, childproof and smell-proof tube that’s also perfect for stashing, and for moments of discretion.


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HerbaBuena is an ultra-premium cannabis company making and curating super-premium products to serve the needs and desires of sophisticated adult consumers, delivering throughout California. We believe in the importance of whole plant intelligence to provide the greatest balanced, therapeutic effect, and therefore do not offer products that use distillate, isolate, corn syrup, fillers, hydrocarbon extraction or indoor cultivation. Our award-winning line of HerbaBuena products offer full-spectrum, functional medicine to address the most common ailments of modern life, including stress, pain, insomnia and sexual health. In 2015, HerbaBuena released the first-ever Demeter Certified Biodynamic cannabis in California and has served thousands of medical patients throughout California through guided educational and epicurean experiences.
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