Vegan 25 MG Gummy


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Can I aid you? This is one of the original formulas and is still a fan favorite to this day.
You can find this direct from Hero Medz or if you want it dimed out there are a couple of popular brands still carrying it. Solid Gummy, does not melt, does not mold.

85 Percent Delta 8 from our lab blended into a fruit jelly base, cured, and sugared. Enjoy!

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HeroMedz LLC
We are HeroMedz ! We specialize in scratch-made gummies and many other edible products. We are always open to new ideas from our customers. As a family business, my wife and I are also classically trained chefs. We both have over 15 years of experience in cooking and baking. Our gummies have been highly rated and featured in Ganjapreneur Magazine multiple times. Our mission is to help educate and alleviate pain and other conditions through the use of cannabis-infused products!
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