Beast Nine Energy Drink 25 mg (Red Beast)


About this product

Forget monster, try the Beast! Energy packed with natural caffeine and nootropics to get your mind and body going. Flavored to perfection, this 12 oz carbonated Nano THC infused beverage is the wake and take back your day type of drink.

• Made with natural caffeine from green coffee extract
• No crash just sustained energy and focus
• Made with true nanoemulsion (Particle Sizes less than 15 nm)
• Fast acting (Unlike conventional edibles or other water-soluble products)
• Enhanced cognitive function
• Increased focus
• Zero Sugar

Beast Nine Energy uses Nano THC that has several times more bioavailability, resulting in higher uptake than other forms of THC with similar dosages. Focus Nine also offers a unique blend of Nootropics &. These ingredients work in synergy to help promote mental function & Energy.

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